On-Demand Session

SOLIDWORKS PDM Trips and Ticks

Discover the less-traveled paths and hidden pitfalls of Product Data Management (PDM) in our on-demand session, Trips and Ticks. This session is “Trips and Ticks” because we aren’t going to show you cool things that you can do with the software. We’re going to show you things that don’t work the way you think they work. This session dives into the surprising behaviors and common misconceptions that can trip up even the most seasoned PDM administrators.

Whether you're newly responsible for PDM at your company or a veteran looking to sharpen your skills, this session will equip you with critical insights to manage your system more effectively. Avoid common setbacks and equip yourself with knowledge directly from the experts.

Watch to learn about real-world PDM challenges and their solutions, including:

  • The nuances of checking in files that appear unchanged
  • How to transition BOMs from non-activated to activated states
  • Strategies for managing active users during system maintenance and preventing new logins
  • Understanding and resolving ambiguous Get Log challenges
  • Troubleshooting group settings that don't apply as expected
  • Decoding and addressing nonsensical warnings
  • Stopping task lists from refreshing unexpectedly during review
  • Clarifying vague task errors to streamline your workflow


Jeremiah Davis

CAD and PDM Methodologies Specialist

Jeremiah Davis has had quite the career with both PDM and SOLIDWORKS, a career that started as a design engineer using SOLIDWORKS in the 2001 Plus version, then transitioned to a reseller, then working directly for SOLIDWORKS, and now back out in industry as a PDM specialist. During this time, he has implemented many SOLIDWORKS PDM vaults, taught hundreds of VAR AE’s SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Manage, and has given dozens of presentations, both at 3DEXPERIENCE World and at SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings.