SOLIDWORKS Premium Streamlines the Product Development Process

Automation capabilities make SOLIDWORKS Premium the right design-to-manufacturing solution

SOLIDWORKS PREMIUM: Advanced automation for a faster, better design-to-manufacturing process.

In today's competitive environment, it's more important than ever to bring products to market quickly and efficiently—without sacrificing quality. The advanced automation features in SOLIDWORKS® Premium help accelerate the design-to-manufacturing process at every stage, allowing for continual optimization and validation of designs while minimizing repetitive, time-consuming manual processes.

SOLIDWORKS Premium's integrated 3D CAD technologies help companies develop better products and bring them to market faster. SOLIDWORKS Premium enables :

>>  Virtual product simulation

>>  Design validation

>>  CNC tool path generation

>>  Tooling development

>>  Costing and quoting capabilities

>>  Documentation development

These and other capabilities help companies reduce errors, improve standards, increase output, and make each stage between concepting and final assembly more efficient and cost-effective. Since continually-updated project data is accessible and usable at each stage, many processes can run concurrently rather than consecutively. That gets products to market sooner—and delivers a clear competitive advantage.



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