SOLIDWORKS Simplifies Industrial Equipment Design

Watch SOLIDWORKS engineers "live" from RFP to final delivery

A request for proposal (RFP) has just come in the door and Brian, the team project manager, is eager to create a plan to win the project. The customer is looking to extend the automation capabilities of their pick-and-place system. The automation system add-on will be designed to collect bags of liquid soap off the filler, box them into 12-unit packages, and convey them downstream.

Timeframes and budgets are tight. Brian uses SOLIDWORKS® Manage to create a schedule and get the entire team on the same page to gear up for this challenging project.

This is the first of several videos that show you how to optimize industry equipment design, validation, fabrication, and delivery of a complete electro-mechanical integration using the SOLIDWORKS portfolio of solutions.

SOLIDWORKS Simplifies Industrial Equipment Design


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