SOLIDWORKS Simulation Swims with the Sharks

Test your design against the world’s deadliest forces including sharks and tornadoes

After spending an entire week watching shark documentaries, our intrepid designer and couch surfer, Jacques, is inspired to swim with the world’s perfect predator.

Jacques is not completely crazy. Before he takes the plunge, he’s going to design and build a submersible anti-shark cage. That’s right; the cage goes in the water. Jacques goes in the water. Shark’s in the water, our shark.

To be certain he’ll return to his couch in one piece, Jacques is going to validate that his cage design will withstand this deadly and powerful force of nature by using SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see Jacques test his cage against unrelenting pressure from a shark collision, the power behind a shark’s jaws, and the ultimate test: will the cage withstand the impact from a tornado-propelled shark?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Swims with the Sharks


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