Solving Real-Life Plastics Problems with Injection Molding Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Plastics provides the tools to identify and correct plastic part design defects before manufacturing

Most of us are working under tighter deadlines with increased output expectations so the pressure to get work done right the first time is greater than ever. When it comes to plastic part designs, you want to make sure your designs are fit to manufacture before turning on the injection-molding machine.

If plastics injection-molded parts are critical to the success of your business, watch this recorded webinar to learn about:

  • Key factors to keep in mind to determine the best polymer material for your application

  • Best practices for optimizing your part designs for the injection-molding manufacturing process

  • How to predict and avoid some of the most common injection-molding defects

Solving Real-life Plastics Problems with Injection Molding Simulation


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