Take Control of Your Company's Data with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Enhance collaboration and foster innovation

Data is being created at a much faster rate than ever before in human history. This electronic explosion presents a daunting challenge to companies in the form of finding, organizing, and controlling access to information. What makes managing data more complex is the fact each area of the enterprise involved in product development has its own set of product management tools, files, images and needs for dashboards and reports.

Learn how SOLIDWORKS Manage enables both internal and external users to access and edit the most up-to-date files, including Bills of Materials (BOMs), project timelines, and processes, from anywhere and on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Visit the SOLIDWORKS Manage website to learn:

>> How to tightly integrate project resources and deliverables, such as importing projects as XML from tools like Microsoft Project

>> How related records can be added at once even if they are stored in different objects such as libraries, bill of materials, PDM and more

>> How to aggregate data from a variety of sources

>> How to keep yourself and your team up to date with constantly changing information

>> How easy task creation and delegation really are

> WATCH THE VIDEOS to see how SOLIDWORKS Manage can help you manage your company's resources, projects and data so you can maintain your focus on fostering innovation and creating best-in-class products.

 	Take Control of Your Company's Data with SOLIDWORKS Manage


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