Take Your Designs to the Next Level with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Exploring Automation, Integrations & 3D Electrical

Creating a schematic is easy enough. We add our symbols, our wires, and some associated information about the design.

But, what if we could automate these steps? What if we could create additional detailed drawings without actually drawing anything? What if our sales team had the ability to jump-start our design without actually using the software? What if we could visualize our design intent by connecting our schematic to the 3D assembly? This is all possible with the out-of-the-box features found within SOLIDWORKS Electrical and the Electrical 3D add-in for SOLIDWORKS.

During this on-demand webinar, we explore how easy it is to create reusable circuits and data for future use with Excel Automation. This powerful tool opens the door for automation at various levels from schematic creation, PLC I/O creation or to a fully configured and ready to go project. This is automation done right!

We also go over how SOLIDWORKS Electrical directly integrates with PDM, allowing teams to manage their data securely and give access at an enterprise level.

Lastly, we take a step into the mechanical realm where we introduce the audience to the powerful and user-friendly benefits of a fully integrated design environment. Break down the walls between groups and allow your mechanical and electrical teams to collaborate in real time.

Exploring Automation, Integrations & 3D Electrical

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