Test Design Performance and Safety with Electromagnetics Engineer

Quickly assess EM impacts on nearby devices, people, and the environment with a powerful simulation platform.

Every new electrical and electronic device must comply with a host of regulations that require the passing of expensive and time-consuming physical tests. No matter the industry, as soon as you add electronic systems to a product, you must consider the possibility that interference between systems could result in poor product performance or even failure. The risk of failing these physical tests limits innovation and can slow down the design process with the need for multiple physical prototypes.

The answer to these challenges is 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Electromagnetics Engineer a EM simulation solution with which teams can quickly and easily assess electromagnetic fields on their designs. With Electromagnetics Engineer, teams can immediately see the impact of any design changes on EM performance, quickly making the results available via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Being connected means you can collaborate with more people more easily—colleagues, customers, partners, and more—through the cloud-based platform.



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