Three Ways to Renew Your Focus on Design

How often does your creativity take a backseat to everyday file management tasks? A Tech-Clarity research study found that engineers spend more than a third of their time on non-value added work, such as recreating data, collecting data, searching for information, incorporating changes, and checking data in and out.

That’s where Cloud Services for SOLIDWORKS® can help. Whether you need to simply share 3D designs, securely store models, or require greater control of your data, Cloud Services removes everyday friction associated with file management and design sharing. Cloud Services is now included with all new SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses as part of subscription and is available to current SOLIDWORKS users as an upgrade.

READ THE EBOOK to learn how SOLIDWORKS and Cloud Services enable hassle-free design, allowing you to spend more time innovating. Get immediate value from trusted design tools and cloud-based 3D sharing, markup, data storage, design review and collaboration capabilities.

We couldn't have done what we've done without SOLIDWORKS. It’s allowed us to grow, is a key teammate, and we couldn't have done it without them.

Tatiana Place, Production Manager, Bowhead


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