On-Demand Session

Using xMotion Design to Create a Better Mootivator Crowd

Seneca Dairy Systems is a full service Dairy Solutions Provider. From dairy facility design and consultation, to manufacturing and equipment installation, keeping cows comfortable and happy is their number one priority.

The Seneca Dairy Systems Mootivator Crowd Gate is an automatic gate used in dairy facilities today to move cows efficiently and comfortably into the milking area. This on-demand session provides insight on how xMotion Design was used during a product redesign to investigate various design options quickly and efficiently. 

Due to the difficulty of building and testing prototypes, simulation of the design is valuable to ensuring the first build will be successful. xMotion Design was used to simulate various aspects of the gate's motion and forces to give insights into design options previously only possible through prototyping and testing. Learn how xDesign was used to improve the design process for Seneca Dairy Systems and be mootivated to do the same with your design projects.

This on-demand session shares how Seneca Dairy used xMotion to improve design:

  • Improved manufacturability
  • Reduce installation time and complexity
  • Function improvements


Ken Mansfield, combines his passions for agriclutre and engineering as the Senior Mechanical Engineer for Seneca Dairy Systems.