Virtual Classroom: Access Creative Resources through Educational Apps for Teachers

Bring fun and creativity to the table via the classroom app of SolidWorks Apps for Kids.

It is a virtual management and organization tool for primary and secondary school educators. With this app, you can access valuable resources, customize lessons, and share them with kids. Do it all in a few simple steps!

Create a Lesson: Start the creation process by choosing a topic and description for the lesson.

Select Students: Pick the kids you wish to share this particular lesson with.

Initiate Projects: Create a simple model to provide a basic idea for children to begin and bring their imagination to the screen.

Share with the Class: Once you prepare the lesson, share with the class of students you had selected earlier.


Student and Teacher Accounts Organization Made Easy with Classroom App for Teachers

SolidWorks Apps for Kids provides the ideal solutions for all your virtual classroom challenges.

It lets you manage accounts and organize work in one place in a few simple steps. Create multiple classes with student data or import existing student information from a CSV.

Student management cannot get easier!


Start Instantly with STEM-Based Programs and Well-Equipped Lessons

Whether you are a parent, educator, teacher, or in charge of after-school activity, the SolidWorks Classroom App is for you.

We provide a goldmine of resources for educators like you to seek inspiration and create engaging classes. You can check samples and pull ideas for unique themes and lessons to create fun workshops.

Give your students the chance to access STEM education through a unique approach. Help kids learn the science of design, engineering, 3D technology, and math through these classroom apps for teachers

A Set of Ideal Educational Apps for Teachers and Learners

Apps for Kids brings free educational apps for teachers to create lessons that go beyond the classroom walls. These free apps for kids take the virtual education system to a new level, where creativity and growth bloom simultaneously.

Apart from the all-inclusive classroom app, here are the other tools for kids to explore the vast arena of STEM learning.

Capture It: With this app, teachers can add images, letting children and kids display their creativity with stickers and doodles.

Shape It: Create a basic prototype for the young minds eager to learn and form varying final shapes with their power of visualization.

Mech It: It is the ideal app for your science class. Pick a few bars and connectors and watch how children craft unique shapes, leaving you amazed.

Style It: Let your students use the Style It app to make final touches and enhance the original shape. Suggest backgrounds, themes, and colors for the perfect finish.

Print It: Print out the shapes to let kids experience a feeling of achievement with a take-home project to add to their showcase.


Integrating SolidWorks Apps for Kids into the Educational System

The world of engineering can sometimes seem too abstract or complex when it comes to early childhood education.

That’s where Apps for Kids steps in. With this free app, primary school and secondary school teachers can lay the foundation for toddlers of 4 to 14 years of age.

Through this set of educational apps for teachers and learners, we provide an easy access to STEM-focused curriculum for free. The easy app setup lets educators create with ease while the students learn with fun and enthusiasm.

Apps for Kids aims to bring something different from the traditional educational system, while complementing it . With apps like Capture It, Shape It, Mech It, Style It, and Print It, kids will gain first-hand practical experience.

It covers the fundamental concepts of science and engineering with a dash of creativity and curiosity.

Leverage the Classroom App and make sure your lessons are full of engagement, inspiration, innovation, and creative learning!