Webinar On-Demand: Electronics Design and Data Management with SOLIDWORKS

Learn how the combination of electronics design and data management provides companies with substantial benefits for electronic product design and processes.

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) solutions have always helped companies manage their mechanical data and design processes. Now, with the new SOLIDWORKS PCB-PDM Connector and the SOLIDWORKS PDM-based workflow, companies can bring their mechanical data and design processes as well as their electronics data and design processes together within a company-wide, common management environment, and methodology.

Having both electronics and mechanical projects and design data aligned under one management significantly improves the way design teams manage design data and collaborate on electronics product development.

In just 22 minutes see how to standardize electronic product design data and workflows within the SOLIDWORKS PDM environment to effectively manage PCB projects, design data, and documentation versus traditional manual methods to maximize team productivity and improve product quality.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM-based design and data management workflow for electronic design uses functionality naturally found in PDM Professional:

>>  Creation of PCB projects and design files using PDM

>>  Design file check-in, check-out, automated versioning of all electronics files through PDM Explorer

>>  Creation of data cards and 'where used' for design files

>>  Centralized storage of electronics design data under the control of a PDM Vault

>>  Workflow processes with notifications at specific milestones

>>  Formal release process with electronic approvals and signoffs

The SOLIDWORKS PCB-PDM Connector that programmatically integrates PCB and PDM to extend the PDM-based design methodology to also include:

>>  Synchronization of PCB / PDM variables and parameters

>>  Creation of PDM-based Bill-of-Materials

>>  Integrated project and documentation check-in, check-out, and archiving

>>  Generation of virtual data cards and 'where used' for electronics parts



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