What do SOLIDWORKS users need?

Episode 2: Say Goodbye to “Data Disaster”!

May 22nd, 2024. From 2.30pm to 3.15pm

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In this three-part webinar series "What do SOLIDWORKS users need?" we will show the future of 3D engineering and design, featuring flexibility and security that go hand in hand thanks to the scalability and Cloud Services included in SOLIDWORKS licenses.

During the previous episode we shared how to manage design data "as a service" in order to be able to share information in an easy, fast and completely natural way.

Now, in this second episode we will show how to say "Goodbye to Data Disaster" thanks to the new SOLIDWORKS licenses.


  • Version Control: Every modification leads to the creation of a new version of the affected element. This prevents data from being overwritten easily and enables precise traceability of the development and change history.
  • Ensuring Consistency: Version control ensures consistency in all phases of product development and manufacturing. Changes are made systematically and all relevant stakeholders have access to the latest, approved data. Additionally, you can also access previous versions of products or documents and track changes over time.

A noteworthy trend in engineering reveals that an increasing number of SOLIDWORKS users are leveraging straightforward data exchange via the cloud with partners and exploring the PLM capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


What SOLIDWORKS Users Need

Giacomo De Carli

Business Developer
@Dassault Systèmes

What SOLIDWORKS Users Need

Alvise Ferro

Industry Process Consultant
@Dassault Systèmes


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