What's the Best Way to Go to Market

Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing - see how the LID Boss team takes charge of its go to market strategy


What do you need to go to market with a new product? The LID Boss team is nearing the end of their development cycle and preparing for their product's release. With the tools found in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, the complexities of releasing a new product are easily kept in line. As they prepare to go to the market, the team is able to:

  • Use the Product Release Engineer role to complete the definition of each of LID Boss's components
  • Easily create a Bill of Materials and quickly generate and manage supporting documentation manufacturers require
  • Create stunning visuals and animations for marketing and sales with Visualize Connected.
  • Show the product in the best light with a vast visual library of different scenes, materials, colors, and lighting schemes
  • Cut down on rendering time with cloud-connected software    

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how 3DEXPERIENCE Works can help optimize your time spent going to market and swiftly create the downstream materials you need for both manufacturing and sales. 


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