Your Design and Engineering Tools Have Been Upgraded

See the latest updates to 3DEXPERIENCE Works design and engineering roles

See the latest updates to 3DEXPERIENCE Works design and engineeringroles

Browser-based design roles never stop improving. The SOLIDWORKS R&D team takes your feedback and executes these ideas into upgrades every eight weeks. Being on a browser, the updates are automatic and you can immediately add these capabilities to your workflow.

There have been dozens of updates with this release, but here's a peek at five of them. Be sure to watch the video for an in-depth overview:

  • Welcome App: get up to speed faster with quick access to sample files, tutorials, and getting started tutorials
  • Switch App: a new app switcher on the landing page of all the design apps, allowing you to switch before opening any content, increasing your efficiency
  • Print3D Now with 2D Nesting: increase your 3D printer's efficiency by automatically arranging components on the build plate
  • Sketch Pattern: spend less time creating repeated sketch entities by duplicating entities in a circular or linear pattern
  • Smarter Assembly Mates Workflow: faster assembly mates with a new mini-bar with suggested constraints


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